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Bicycle activities for students

See what we have to offer cycling students in Oslo.

Did you know:

  • You can get help and tools to fix your bike for free at Bike Kitchen Blindern all weekdays from 09.00-15.00?
  • You can can rent a student bicycle for 500 kr per season?
  • It is free to take your bicycle on the metro on weekends, public holidays and outside rush hour?
  • We have a bicycle map for students?
  • You can apply for grants to arrange bicycle activities for students?

Free bike repairs at Bike Kitchen Blindern

Bike Kitchen Blindern is the first bicycle café on campus in Norway. All students in Oslo are welcome to bring their bicycle and get tools and help to fix their bicycle over a cup of coffee, all weekdays from 9:00-15:00.

The bike kitchen is manned by employees from the City of Oslo that can help you with simple adjustments to the brakes or wheels as well as more advanced repairs. We can offer some spare parts if needed, and you can also get our student bicycle map, bicycle lights, repair kits and information on other activities and offers for cycling students in Oslo.

Bike Kitchen Blindern is on the ground floor in Niels Henrik Abels hus in Blindern, and is a collaboration between the City of Oslo, SiO Mat og Drikke and the University of Oslo.  

Do you have questions about Bike Kitchen Blindern? Contact Project Manager, Jørgen Høy, on jorgen.hoy@bym.oslo.kommune.no

 Read more about the Bike Kitchen Blindern on SiO’s website

Bicycle rental for students

Oslovelo offer students in Oslo bicycle rental for 500 kr per season with repairs included in the price. All the bicycles are recycled, refurbished and equipped with lock, light, bell and studded tyres in the winter.

The project Dakapo! is run by Oslovelo with support from the City of Oslo.

Send en email to dakapo@oslovelo.no  if you want to rent a bicycle, or read more about the rental programme on Oslovelo’s website

Grants for bicycle activities for students

The City of Oslo works actively to make Oslo more bicycle-friendly for students, and cooperate with  several universities, student organisations and other agencies in their campaign.

Do you have an idea that can get more students to cycle? The City of Oslo gives grants to organisations that want to arrange different activities to inspire more students to cycle.

Some examples of activities we support:

  • Bicycle rides and tours
  • Courses/workshops on bicycle maintenance
  • Bicycle riding courses
  • Bicycle repairs
  • Bicycle flea markets and recycling projects
  • Cultural and social activities on bike

We accept applications throughout the year, but are looking specifically for activities that can be arranged for new students in August/September 2019.

Please contact Project Manager Anura Sankholkar, anura.sankholkar@bym.oslo.kommune.no, for any inquiries.

Bicycle map for students

Are you ready to get to know Oslo on bicycle? Download our bicycle map for students in Oslo, or pick up a map at your student accommodation or campus.

Naviger in the student bicycle map on Google

Download the bicycle map for students (PDF 5,5MB)

Oslo City Bike

A City Bike makes it quicker and easier to get around Oslo.  

Read more about Oslo City Bike

Outdoor cycle pumps and self-service service stations

Many student houses and campuses have self-service service stations med cycle pumps and simple equipment that can be used for free. In addition to this, The City of Oslo have their own cycle pumps and outdoor service stations around the whole city.

See overview of our service-stations

Become a cycling student!