Enrollment and first year of school

Here you will find information on how children get a place at local schools and general information about starting school.

Assignment of children to local schools for start of the first year in fall 2020


In November 2019, we gather information about children living in Oslo from the National Registry.


Local schools send out an invitation to parents to enroll their children. If you move later than the 1st of November, you must inform your local school.


Enrollment to a school does not guarantee a child place at this school. If the school in question is full, the child may be transferred to a neighbouring school. Each local school must ensure all children in the school's district is assigned to a school.

If the local school must transfer the child to a neighbouring school,  the local school must send the child's parents a written notification. The parents has a right to comment on this notification before a decision is made.


Local schools send out their decisions regarding to which school each child will go. The decision will be based on the child's address at that time. When the school considers which children will be transferred to neighbouring schools, they must consider these criteria:

  • Distance to the schools
  • Traffic safety issues
  • Keeping children of the same local communities together
  • Special circumstances, e.g.  special needs
  • Keeping siblings at the same school

 Parents may appeal against the schools decision regarding their child.

  • All children that lives in the schools district before the decision is made is treated equally.
  • If you move after these decisions are made, you must contact the local school you have moved to, to receive a new decision.
  • If you want your child to remain at the school you have moved from, you must apply to the school you moved from.

Find out which school your child belongs to

Find out which primary school your child belongs to.

School start brochure


The Education Agency of Oslo

Phone: 21 80 21 80

You can also contact the school directly.