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Artistic studios at Oslo City Hall

Artistic studios at Oslo City Hall

From August 2019 Oslo City Hall presents three studios at the disposal of visual artists.


Who can apply:

• Category 1: Established visual artists with permanent residency in Oslo

• Category 2: Young visual artists who have recently completed their artistic education

• Category 3: Foreign visual artists


The studios are awarded for a limited period of maximum two years.

The studios must be used actively during the period granted, and sublease is not allowed.


Three studios of different sizes:

• 180 square meters (for category 1)

• 95 square meters (for category 2)

• 45 square meters (for category 3)


The artistic studio to be used is free of charge.


The studios are located right in the heart of Oslo and are situated on the 13th floor of the western tower.  

All three have high ceilings and a lot of wall space, in addition to both natural and electric floodlights.

There is access to the studios with both the elevator and the staircase.


The deadline for applications is Thursday, January 31, at 12 noon.