Changes in ownership and operations during the transitional period using the previous owner’s licence

If you have taken over premises licensed to serve food or alcohol, or a shop that sells beer, you can continue to use the previous owner’s licence while your application for a new licence is being processed. This only applies for a transitional period of three months and only if you satisfy certain conditions.

You must satisfy the following conditions to use a previous owner’s licence for a transitional period

  • You must tell Næringsetaten that the business has been transferred and that you want to use the previous owner’s licence.
  • You must apply for a new licence within the relevant statutory deadlines:
    • The Food Services Act – within 30 days of signing a transfer agreement.
    • The Alcohol Act – within 30 days of the actual transfer.
    • Please note that the deadlines of the Food Services Act always apply if you are taking over premises licensed to serve alcohol, as these premises are licensed to serve both food and alcohol.
  • There must be a legal succession relationship between the previous and current owner. Taking over a lease for premises licensed to sell or serve alcohol is not sufficient.

What counts as a change in ownership?

Examples of changes in ownership:

  • A purchase or sales agreement between two contracting parties
  • Significant changes to shareholdings in the licensed company
  • A transfer between companies in the same group
  • Change of company structure (even if the shareholding is partially or entirely unchanged)

Attachments to be uploaded for applications for a change in ownership

  • Right of access documents (for example a lease or deeds)
  • Limited liability companies must upload a copy of the shareholders’ register
  • List of owners showing each individual
  • Confirmation that the establishment’s general manager has passed the Food Services Act knowledge test
  • Confirmation that the establishment’s manager and deputy have passed the Alcohol Act knowledge test
  • Purchase contract or other documentation of transfer showing when the business transfer agreement was made and when the transfer actually took place
  • Floor plan clearly showing (shading) the indoor and outdoor alcohol service area
  • For outdoor service, the area must be shown as the number of square metres, as length times breadth.
  • Proof of the landowner’s consent for outdoor service

Apply for a change of ownership
(Log in, application in Norwegian)

How long does it take?

It takes us up to three months to process your application once you have sent us all the necessary information and documents.

If your application has not been fully processed within three months, Næringsetaten can extend the transitional period from three to four months.

Laws and regulations

List of laws and regulations that apply to establishments licensed to serve food and sell or serve alcohol (in Norwegian)