9 November: The City Government has approved social lockdown in Oslo

Press release: Oslo’s City Government ratified the social lockdown on Monday 9th November, which was announced on Friday 6th november. The lockdown came into effect at 24.00, midnight on Monday. The duration will depend on how the infection rates develop.

«We are in the second wave of the Coronavirus, and the fast rise in infections in Europe has been imported to Norway. That is why we must be prepared for increasing numbers of infections in the period ahead. To stop the virus, we are now implementing a social lockdown in Oslo. At the same time it is extremely important to emphasise that Oslo cannot stop the virus alone. We depend on the national authorities’ measures for controlling, testing and quarantening at airports and borders, and for foreign workers», said Governing Mayor Raymond Johansen (Labour).

These are the measures in Oslo:

  • Ban on all indoor events. It is still be possible to hold funerals and burials, as well as rituals without an audience, broadcasts, professional sports events etc. without spectators.
  • Ban on organised recreational sports for adults. This also applies for indoor leisure activities such as brass bands and choirs. Professional sports can be held without spectators indoors and with up to 200 spectators outdoors, provided that everyone stays at least one metre apart.
  • All institutions for culture and leisure activities are closed, apart from libraries and venues for activities for children and youth under 20 years
  • Ban on serving alcohol in Oslo. Bars and restaurants can stay open without serving alcohol.
  • Red risk level, with stronger antiinfection measures and smaller groups at high schools and adult education centres, and red risk level will be considered for secondary school in the coming weeks.
  • Children and youth can continue with organised sports, but are not allowed to take part in competions or to play outside Oslo
  • Compulsory face masks in taxis, in the same way as in the rest of public transport
  • Shops, shopping centres and other commercial spaces must ensure that customers can keep two metres apart, as well as provide adequate cover by security guards.

Here is the link to the City Government’s protocoll and new regulations (In Norwegian).

This Autumn, Oslo has had the strictest measures to prevent the Coronavirus in the country. Many of the earlier measures will be continued:

  • Ban on private gatherings with more the 10 people in private homes
  • Compulsory face masks on public transport when you cannot keep one metre apart
  • Maximum 200 people at outdoor events
  • Compulsory home office working, meaning that employers should ensure that their staff work from home as far as is practically possible. Employers must document that their staff have been informed about how home office working will be implemented.

Up to ten people can be together in private homes, as long as the infection prevention regulations are followed and it is possible to keep at least one metre apart from people in other families / housholds. In addition, the City of Oslo advises people not to have social contact with more than ten other people in the space of one week.

Since 28 February, the City government has been on emergency alert, and since 11 March this has been at the highest level. The City officials release updates about steps taken to prevent further spreading of the Coronavirus.


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