8 September: Arrangements for vaccinating 12 to 15-year-olds against coronavirus in the City of Oslo

Press release: From Monday 13 September, all young people in the City of Oslo born between 2006 and 2008 will be offered a coronavirus vaccine. Anyone born in 2009, who has reached the age of 12, will be able to attend centres on a walk-in basis from Monday 20 September. All children will initially be offered one vaccine dose. It is not compulsory to have your child vaccinated against coronavirus. Young people who have been or are infected with coronavirus should not be vaccinated at this time.

Les pressemeldingen på norsk

The main purpose of this vaccination is to protect young people against serious illness.

– Although young people rarely become seriously ill with coronavirus, it is expected that some will experience more acute symptoms. Vaccination is the key to protecting everyone, says Head of the City of Oslo’s vaccination programme, Miert Skjoldborg Lindboe.

Collaboration with secondary schools

The City of Oslo is cooperating with secondary schools on the vaccine roll-out. At some schools, pupils will attend the vaccination centre in groups, while at other schools they will be vaccinated at school. The vaccination centres will make the necessary arrangements with the schools.
The City of Oslo expects to be able to offer the coronavirus vaccine to large sections of this age group, in collaboration with the schools between 13 and 24 September. Pupils and parents/guardians are encouraged to use this scheme rather than the walk-in service.

Walk-in services available from 20 September for those who cannot/do not want to be vaccinated at school

Pupils who are not present when the vaccinations are carried out via the school, or for other reasons cannot or do not want to be vaccinated using this scheme, can attend the vaccination centre on a walk-in basis.

– The walk-in service for this age group will be available from Monday 20 September. This means that you can get a vaccine on a walk-in basis if the vaccination centre has capacity, or by making an appointment for the first available time slot. For more details, refer to the information provided by your district, says Skjoldborg Lindboe.

Pupils in the last year of primary school, who were born in 2009 and have reached the age of 12, must use the walk-in service if they want to have the coronavirus vaccine. We are not planning to offer vaccination to children in primary schools.

Consent and self-declaration from parents

Everyone under the age of 16 must have the consent of their parents/guardians to receive the coronavirus vaccine, and parents/guardians must fill out a self-declaration form before their children are vaccinated. The consent and self-declaration forms will be distributed via the schools, and will also be available on the City of Oslo’s website. We are working on a digital solution.


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