6 Desember: Covid testing stations in Oslo are very busy

Press release: Many people want to get tested at the moment, and you may have a long wait at one of Oslo’s drop-in testing stations. Oslo City Council therefore urges residents to book an appointment in advance and arrive at the time they have been allocated. You will get an appointment if you have booked, but please be patient. Those who still want to take a test at a drop-in or mobile centre are recommended to do so outside of the most popular times. The three municipal test stations are open weekdays from 8 am to 9 pm.

Les pressemeldingen på norsk

“Residents should check the opening times and locations of the mobile units on the Council’s website,” says Silje Thorkildson, coordinator for testing in the City of Oslo.

Visit this address to find out where you can get a Covid test

“We also encourage everyone who is going to get tested to plan their journey. Avoid public transport and taxis if you have symptoms. You could get very cold if you have to queue up outside, so wear clothing suitable for the weather conditions. Remember, you must wear a face mask and maintain adequate social distancing,” says Thorkildson.

This week, the City of Oslo’s Department of Health will continue to increase its testing capacity by opening new test sites and ensuring that existing test sites are utilised as efficiently as possible.


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