27 April: Oslo City Government announces plans for gradual reopening of Oslo

Press release: Oslo City Government is today announcing a five-phase plan to reopen Oslo. Phase 1 of the plan goes into effect today. Next week, the city government will assess when Oslo can move forward to Phase 2.

“Oslo deserves a safe and lasting reopening. We cannot reopen from one day to the next. Instead, we are doing so in a gradual and controlled manner. If the rate of infection continues to fall, if we all continue to abide by the rules in effect, we can look forward to a gradual transition to a city and life as we remember it, and as we have long yearned for,” says Oslo’s Governing Mayor Raymond Johansen (Labour Party).

Phase 1 of the reopening plan goes into effect from 27 April

In other words:

  • The maximum number of visitors permitted in private homes has been raised from two to ten. Remember that guests from different households must observe social distancing and keep at least two metres apart.
  • Outdoor events for up to ten people are now permitted.
  • Organised sports and recreational activities for up to 20 children and young people under the age of 20 are now permitted.

“Although we are slightly increasing the number of guests people can welcome to their homes, I urge everyone to remain restrictive and cautious. Nationally, the government has recommended a maximum of five visitors. This recommendation naturally also applies in Oslo. The infection rate, the number of hospital admissions and the number of people vaccinated will be decisive for how fast we can proceed with our plan,” says Johansen.

The rate of infection in Oslo has fallen for six weeks in succession, but still equals the highest levels experienced during the second wave of infection last autumn and after the Christmas holidays. Over 100 Covid-19 patients are still being treated at Oslo University Hospital and Akershus University Hospital. Just 6.6 per cent of Oslo’s population is fully vaccinated.

What each individual reopening phase will entail and when it may be implemented will be assessed on the basis of the prevailing situation.

The lifting of restrictions on kindergartens and schools will be assessed continuously and in connection with the implementation of each phase.

Phase 2

Oslo’s governing mayor says that the city government will make a decision on whether Oslo can move forward to Phase 2 next week. If it does so, the following will reopen:

  • Shops, shopping centres, department stores, etc.
  • Cafés and restaurants.
  • The serving of alcohol until 10pm, but only with food.
  • Fitness centres, etc.
  • Grassroots sports for adults.
  • Sports halls and other indoor sports facilities, with up to 20 children and young people up to and including high school age allowed to participate in indoor training and fitness activities.
  • Cultural venues without events, such as museums, art galleries and libraries.
  • Performances, etc., at cultural institutions for children and young people during school hours.
  • Youth clubs attended by up to 20 people at any one time.
  • Religious services, prayer meetings, weddings, baptisms and similar rituals with up to 20 people attending, provided there is fixed seating.

Strict infection prevention measures will remain in force.

Phase 3

In Phase 3, the city government will consider:

  • Opening public places and establishments offering indoor cultural, entertainment or recreational activities. This includes cinemas, theatres, concert venues, bingo halls, bowling halls, amusement arcades, indoor play centres, etc.
  • Permitting indoor events.
  • Increasing the number of people permitted to attend outdoor events.
  • Permitting a cautious resumption of physical attendance at work.
  • Further increasing the number of people permitted to attend outdoor sports and recreational activities.
  • Returning to a social distancing recommendation of one metre, if this is also the national recommendation.
  • Lifting the requirement that alcohol may be served only with food.

For all businesses and events, there will be strict limits on the number of people permitted to be present, and strict infection prevention measures.

Phase 4

In Phase 4, the city government will consider:

  • Easing infection prevention restrictions for different businesses and activities.
  • Easing limits on the number of people permitted to attend indoor and outdoor events.
  • Changing the rules on private gatherings in people’s homes, so that more than ten people may be present.
  • The serving of alcohol until midnight.
  • Permitting slightly more physical attendance at work.
  • Private gatherings in public places (wedding parties, baptism parties, etc.), with limits on attendance dependent on the prevailing situation.

Phase 5

In Phase 5, the city government will consider:

  • Rescinding local rules.
  • Following national rules for restriction on events, etc.
  • Maintaining divergent local recommendations if necessary.


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