26th of May: Oslo’s pubs and bars can open from 1st of June

Oslo City Government has agreed today that also pubs and bars which only sell drinks can re-open from 1st of June. The City of Oslo is therefore following the anticipated change in regulations from the Norwegian Ministry of Health and Care Services.

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Information about measures taken against the spread of the Corona virus is changed on an ongoing basis. This means that the information in the press release may be outdated.

Vice Mayor for Business Development in Oslo, Victoria Evensen (Labour), said, «We are giving out this information and guidelines already today, even though the Department has not formally approved the new regulations for opening pubs and bars. It is important that businesses can prepare for re-opening in a responsible way.»

National requirements for table-service and seating, as well as the 1-meter rule, must be adhered to, also for pubs without serving food.

— I am very pleased that bars and pubs can open up again. Those pubs and restaurants which have been allowed to open until now have done a great job, making it possible for both guests and staff to keep to the rules for infection prevention. We expect the same from pubs and bars which only sell drinks», said Evensen.

The City of Oslo will keep to the requirements for registration, risk assessments and opening hours.

— Our experience until now is that it is harder to prevent the contagion spreading in places with high levels of alcohol consumption. The Epidemiology officer has also made this clear. This means that we will stick to the current closing time of 23.30, but will review the infection situation until and throughout the summer», said Evensen, Vice Mayor for Business Development in Oslo.

Here are the national regulations for pubs and restaurants

  • Table service or at seating only
  • No buffet serving of food
  • Basic requirements for infection prevention must be adhered to
  • Routines for good hygiene and cleanliness must be written and adhered to
  • A distance of at least one meter must be maintained between both staff and guests, to people in other households at all times.

General national recommendation for pubs and restaurants

  • No more than 20 people should be together in a group
  • There should be at least 1 meter distance between each person, also within a group, except for those who belong to the same household.

These are the municipal requirements for pubs and restaurants

  • Only those which are registered with the Agency for Food and Alcohol Licensing and Inspections can serve alcohol.
  • A risk assessment for infection protection must be produced
  • Serving until 23.30, and opening hours until 24.00.

The City Government will change its regulations as and when the National Government changes its regulations for Covid-19 for pubs and bars which only sell drinks.

Press contact

Press contact for Vice Mayor for Business Development, Victoria Marie Evensen:

Ninja Sandemose, ninja.sandemose@byr.oslo.kommune.no

Mobile phone: +47 907 957 60

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