26th November: The City Government is extending the social lockdown until 14th December

Today, the City Government has agreed to extend the social lockdown for Oslo until 14th December. At the same time, the Governing Mayor encourages more people to get tested, especially in the Grorud Valley (Groruddalen) where the levels of infection are highest.

«Even though the level of infection in Oslo has levelled out, the situation is still serious, especially among young people and in Groruddalen. That’s why it is extremely important for people to keep following the infection-prevention regulations, and for more people to get tested», said Governing Mayor Raymond Johansen (Labour).

Even though about 2,500 people get tested each day, Johansen is concerned that the City is only picking up a fraction of those who are infected.

«In some communities there may be stigma attached to getting infected. We are trying to make it even easier for people who live in city districts which have high infection rates to get tested. Following that, we must prepare ourselves for higher numbers of infections due to more active testing. We know that we are only picking up a fraction of those who are infected at the moment», Johansen said.

Everyone in Oslo can book a test when they like and get an appointment within 24 hours. The test is free. In many other countries the capacity is limited, for example, to people who are showing symptoms.

The Governing Mayor encourages people to avoid travelling abroad for Christmas.

“This is not the time to travel to France, Spain, Somalia or Pakistan. After the summer holidays, we saw an explosion in the levels of infection in Oslo. The infections came from other countries. We must avoid at all costs allowing the same thing to happen again after the Christmas holidays», Johansen said.

The social lockdown is extended, but more digital events can be organised

The City Government approved the social lockdown on 9th November 2020, as part of the third package of measures introduced to prevent the spread of infections by the Corona virus earlier this Autumn. These measures are:

  • All indoor events are banned. All venues for cultural, entertainment or leisure activities are closed. Cinemas, theatres, play centres, training centres, sports halls and public swimming pools etc. have locked their doors.
  • No events are allowed outdoors with more than 200 people together at the same time.
  • Shops and shopping centres must ensure adequate supervision and that the number of people inside does not exceed the limit which is safe for customers to keep at least two metres apart.
  • Compulsory face masks in indoor public spaces and public transport, where it is not possible to keep one metre apart. Compulsory face masks in taxis, for both driver and passengers.
  • Leisure sports and indoor leisure activities for adults and young people are closed.
  • Ban on serving alcohol. Pubs and restaurants may stay open, as long as they do not serve alcohol.
  • Red risk level at secondary schools and high schools. Primary schools are at yellow risk level.
  • Compulsory home office as far as practically possible. Employers are required to document that their office staff have been informed that they must work from home.
  • The number of people in private gatherings must not excede 10. Everyone must keep at least one metre apart.

Today the City Government has considered the level of infections in Oslo and approved the continuation of the social lockdown in the city until 14th December 2020. The only change that the City Government has made is to allow up to five people to be present in addition to the necessary production staff, during the production of digital events.


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