22 September: A legal regulation for maximum 10 people in private gatherings was confirmed today

At yesterday’s press conference (21st September), the Governing Mayor Raymond Johansen (Labour) announced that any gathering of more than 10 people in a private home will be prohibited.

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The content of this press release may be out of date. See Advice and rules in Oslo for the measures that apply.

The legal regulation for this ban was confirmed by the City Government today. This is a stronger measure that the national limit of 20 people in private gatherings.

The national health authorities recommend against private gatherings of more than 20 people, and to keep at least 1 metre between all those present. In view of the current state of the pandemic in Oslo, the epidemic advisor has recommended that the maximum number in private gatherings should be reduced to 10. Considering the gravity of the situation, the City Government sees the necessity of enforcing the limit to the number of people as a prohibition, and not just a recommendation.

«The situation is very serious, with increasing rates of infection, where 38,8 % are infected by their families and friends. That is why we have agreed to ban organising or taking part in any private gathering with more than 10 people present. The prohibition is temporary and will apply for two weeks, starting today (22nd September)», said Governing Mayor Raymond Johansen.

«Private gathering» means all private gatherings and informal events, both outdoors and indoors. This includes parties, dinners and other social meetings, indoors or in relation to a private home, in parks or other places outdoors. The ban on private gatherings with more than 10 people will not apply to other events that are covered by the national Covid-19 regulations. The City Government will review the local regulations for private gatherings again after 14 days.

«The infection situation will determine whether the regulation can be lifted or will have to continue beyond 14 days. None of us wants to shut down completely again, so we must work together to keep our society open. This means: Are you sick? Then stay at home, take a test and stay at home until you are completely healthy again. A negative test does not allow you to live as normal. If you have the possibility, work from home. Keep a metre distance. And, if you cannot keep the metre distance, then use a face-mask», Johansen concluded.

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