22 April: Oslo City Council: no changes to coronavirus measures this week

Press release: Oslo City Council decided today that no changes will be made to coronavirus measures this week, week 16. The City Council will make a further assessment of the situation on Tuesday 27 April.

The City Council had signalled that they would consider lifting the ban on having more than two guests in private homes this week. Due to infection rates, the City Council has decided to continue this ban, but that they will reconsider it next week.

“There is no doubt that infection rates in Oslo continue to be serious. Although the numbers are declining, over 1,100 people were infected in Oslo last week, and the number of infections is at about the same level this week. It is on a par with the peaks during the previous waves of infection in November and January. The number of hospitalised patients has decreased somewhat, but there are still more than 100 Covid-19 patients in hospital in Oslo and in Ahus. Overall, we consider the situation to be so serious that we will not be easing any measures at this time,” said Governing Mayor of Oslo Raymond Johansen (Labour Party).

The City Council will reassess the situation on Tuesday, 27 April. The City Council’s assessment will be made public at a press conference on the same day, where the measures that will apply in Oslo in the first half of May will also be announced.

“We have already eased one major restriction this week: we began allowing increased physical presence for all students, after a month of fully online teaching in upper secondary schools, lower secondary schools and Years 5–7 in seven districts. While this will increase mobility and the number of close contacts, it will also allow children and young people to live a little more normally again,” said Johansen.

The City Council is now preparing for the reopening of Oslo.

“We must not stumble in the home stretch and open too much too soon. When the situation allows it, the reopening of Oslo will continue, but we must be sure that it is safe. It will depend on infection rates, the number of people in hospital and the number of people who have been vaccinated. Now, the most important thing is to bring infection rates down further, so that we have a greater chance of a lasting reopening, without risking having to shut down again. Although impatience is growing, I am sure that the most important thing for both the population and the business community is that we achieve a safe, lasting reopening, rather than risking opening up too soon,” concluded Johansen.


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