21 September: The City Government introduces new measures to prevent infection and the coronavirus spreading

Press release: - The situation in Oslo is very serious, said the Governing Mayor, Raymond Johansen (Labour). 

Les denne pressemeldingen på norsk.

The content of this press release may be out of date. See Advice and rules in Oslo for the measures that apply.

- We have seen a three-fold increase in infections during the last week, compared with the three previous weeks. We now have the highest levels of infection since June. We must stop this development, and we must do it now. That is why the City Government is introducing new measures. This is not something that we have chosen, but we have to be stricter in the time ahead, in order to get the infection figures down, said the Governing Mayor, Raymond Johansen (Labour).

These are the new measures:

  • The numbers of people in private gatherings must not excede 10.
    This ban will operate from midday at 12 o’clock on Tuesday 22nd September, and last for two weeks. Everyone should keep a distance of one meter.
  • Pubs and restaurants should register guests.
    The City Government advises all pubs and restaurants, shopping centres and other public services to register all guests and visitors. This will make the test-and tracing more effective. Data-protection must be observed and all information deleted once the risk of infection is over.
  • General recommendation for face masks.
    The City Government advises everyone to have face mask easily at hand, not only when using public tansport. The face mask must be used in crowded places and when it is not possible to keep the one metre distance.
  • Information campaign.
    The City of Oslo will do more to inform the city’s population in different languages and using different information channels. An SMS will be sent in Norwegian and English to all telephones in Oslo: «Oslo needs your help. Keep 1 meter distance. Use a face mask in crowds. Stay at home when you’re sick. Avoid public transport as far as possible. Do it for Oslo www.u.nu/oslo»

- Hopefully, we can return so a more normal situation before too long. But just now, the situation is far from normal. This can easily go from bad to worse. We can avoid this, by each and every one of us taking personal responsibility to stop the virus spreading, Johansen said.

The governing mayor emphasised that the City of Oslo has a good capacity for testing, as well as good systems for testing and tracing and isolating those who have been infected. Last week, 10,000 people were tested. Today the City has opened a new test-station at Bryn which will further increas the testing capacity.

- Even though we now experience high levels of infections, the situation cannot be compared with what we experience in the Spring. We will manage as far as possible to keep the infection away from those who are most vulnerable, Johansen said.

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