19 June: Return to normal opening hours for bars and restaurants in Oslo

Press release: The City Council has decided that bars and restaurants in Oslo can return to normal working hours. This return to normal will start from and including Monday 22 June. At the same time, the central crisis team will maintain the highest alert level throughout the summer.

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The content of this press release may be out of date. See Advice and rules in Oslo for the measures that apply.

“Even if we are maintaining a high alert level and are asking people in all earnest to follow the advice on infection prevention rules, we feel that the situation allows us to continue with a gradual and controlled re-opening of Oslo. Up to now, the re-opening has not led to a new serious outbreak of the virus,” says Raymond Johansen (Labour Party), Governing Mayor of Oslo.

Since the bars and restaurants were allowed to reopen on 6 May, last call has been 11.30 pm and closing time has been 12.00 midnight. The City Council’s decision means that now bars and restaurants in Oslo can return to normal serving and opening hours from and including Monday 22 June.

“I would like to praise the catering branch for the good and responsible way they have handled the return to business. When we now expand the opening hours it is important that the guests and these establishments continue to act responsibly. I am happy that even more people can return to their jobs,” says the Governing Mayor.

Oslo local authority will be carrying out inspections of bars and restaurants to ensure that they are complying with the infection prevention rules. The Governing Mayor makes it very clear that local officials will not hesitate to close any establishment that does not follow the rules.

Allocating NOK 81 million for children and young people on summer holiday

Because of the infection prevention measures in force, this will be a special summer holiday for many children and young people. The City Council has therefore allocated NOK 81 million as extraordinary funds for summer jobs, holiday programmes and activities for children and young people across the entire city. The budget agreement reached yesterday between the political parties in the council and the party “Rødt” means that a number of these measures will be strengthened further.

“Many people will be staying in or close to Oslo this summer. At the same time many of the summer jobs in business and industry will not materialise this year and the Summer School has been cancelled. I am therefore very happy that the City Council, in a demanding economic situation, has found it possible to initiate many activities in the city districts, sports facilities, working life and the schools,” adds Johansen.

In cooperation with a number of stakeholders, Oslo local authority will establish more opportunities for summer jobs. This will mean more jobs working for the city but also jobs in business and industry where the local authority will pay the wages.

“My wish is that as many young people as possible will have the opportunity to work, earn their own money and gain work experience,” says Johansen.

New rules for common sense in the city

The City Council wants to continue the gradual and controlled re-opening of Oslo. The Governing Mayor underlines that this depends on each and every one of us being responsible citizens and respecting the infection prevention rules.

“I fully understand that people want to be out and enjoy the fantastic weather. But I am also worried about the large gatherings of people on many of our beaches, in our parks and other public areas. We will have a stronger focus on these areas throughout the summer. We receive constantly updated information about where people might be crowding to in the city and about large gatherings of people, and we will not hesitate to initiate measures if necessary,” says Johansen.

City officials and security guards working in the public areas, parks and outdoor areas (“bymarka”), or on the islands have been instructed to give situation reports to the local authority. This will give the best information for evaluating whether or not measures are needed in areas where crowds may be forming.

Oslo local authority has also updated the common sense in the city rules for the summer, where the goal is the prevention of a new outbreak of the virus. A campaign informing the public in various languages about these rules has been started.

Rules for common sense in the city

  • Use the whole city
  • Look for places that are not too crowded – there is no shame in turning around
  • Keep a distance of at least one metre from each other
  • Wash your hands thoroughly and often
  • Stay home if you have a cold
  • Remember that you can also infect the people you are living with
  • Contact your regular GP or call the corona hotline if you have symptoms of a cold

“The most important measure we can take against the spread of infection is that each and every one of us acts responsibly. If our inhabitants follow these rules, they will be making an important contribution to preventing a new outbreak of the virus,” says Johansen.

Press contact

The press service in the city districts: 992 89 090 (no text messages), e-mail: media@byr.oslo.kommune.no.

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