17 February: The City Government continues a gradual and controlled re-opening of Oslo

Press release: The City Government has decided to allow indoor leisure activities for youth, up to and including 19 years, as well as permitting adults to take part in organised, outdoor training.

«We are in a challenging situation where we see, on the one hand, that infections have gone up slightly in the last few days, while on the other hand, we are fully aware of how heavily the strict measures weigh on Oslo’s residents. We have to balance the need to prevent infection with the need to re-open. It is demanding, but I am very glad that we can now continue the gradual and controlled re-opening of our city”, said Governing Mayor Raymond Johansen (Labour).

This week, high schools changed from red to yellow risk level, so students can return to a more normal day at school after three months with most teaching being done online. Kindergartens, primary schools and secondary schools had previously changed to yellow risk level. The City Government has now opened up for leisure activities and sport for children, swimming lessons and courses and professional sports, as well as re-opening libraries and pubs and restaurants that must keep their infection prevention measures.

From tomorrow, the City Government will allow training and organised, indoor leisure activities for youth up to and including 19 years of age. Outdoor sports and activities for adults will also be allowed, such as organised through training centres and sports clubs, as long as the social distancing can be kept and the groups are limited to a maximum of ten people.

This re-opening implies that we will keep the existing restrictions for shopping centres. It means that pubs and restaurants, food shops, drug stores and other activities which are permitted at shopping centres can stay open, while other kinds of shops in shopping centres must remain closed. Johansen emphasised that the City Government anticipates being able to re-open shopping centres during the next few weeks.

For now, the measures will last for two weeks, starting Thursday 18th February, until 3rd March.


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