16 December: This is how the City of Oslo will distribute self-testing kits

Press release: The infection rate is currently soaring, and there is a high demand for self-testing kits in Oslo. This week the City of Oslo has distributed more than 500,000 self-testing kits, obtained from the Norwegian Directorate of Health. These will be distributed based on the order of priority stated by national authorities.

Les pressemeldingen på norsk

Although the City of Oslo is testing at full capacity at testing stations, there is a high demand for self-testing kits. Fortunately for the city’s residents, employers and the city’s testing capacity we will now be receiving more self-testing kits.

However, the number of self-testing kits is limited and an order of priority has therefore been established for the distribution of the kits. Those who are prioritised for self-testing kits will be contacted by the City of Oslo or their employer, with information on where to pick up the kits.

The Department of Health will coordinate the distribution of self-testing kits throughout the municipality. City districts and relevant agencies will be in charge of distributing the kits based on the following order of priority, in effect from 16 December.
Here is the City of Oslo’s order of priority based on the guidelines of the Norwegian Directorate of Health. Note that this may change at any time:

1. Critical workers, including health and care personnel who are close contacts, if it is necessary for them to be present at the workplace – testing each morning.

2. Outbreak testing for home care services, institutions and care homes.

3. In the event of symptoms:

  • Children and youth (ages 7 to 18) + (kindergarten children)
  • Employees with health and care services, including general practitioners, critical personnel and personnel in child welfare institutions and in facilities for individuals with intellectual disabilities, etc.

4. Regular mass testing for children and young people (Years 1 – 10) in Oslo schools and regular testing of kindergarten staff

5. Outbreak testing in kindergartens and upper secondary schools

6. Testing of travellers entering the country

7. Household members and similar close contacts in quarantine

8. Regular testing of unvaccinated healthcare personnel

9. Municipal employers who want extra testing for their own employees (including teachers)

“It is still extremely important for people to test themselves when they suspect possible infection if we are to identify and control the spread of infection. We are therefore continuously working to gain access to more self-testing kits so that these can be distributed free of charge to a larger segment of the population,” says Robert Steen, Vice Mayor for Health, Ageing and Municipal Services.

The City of Oslo emphasises that the order of priority may quickly change, depending on changes in the infection situation.


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