15 Desember: Full digital teaching until the Christmas holidays

Press release: Full digital teaching will be in effect from Friday 17 December for primary and secondary schools and adult education. Children in vulnerable life situations and children whose parents are critical workers will still be offered normal school services.

Les pressemeldingen på norsk

– It is necessary to implement full digital instruction for all schools until the Christmas holidays to ensure sufficient and responsible services for all Oslo’s pupils and students. After-school programmes (AKS) and kindergartens will remain open, although opening hours may be reduced, if necessary, says Sunniva Holmås Eidsvoll (SV), Vice Mayor for Education and Child Services.

This decision was reached because it is no longer possible to keep schools operational and ensure responsible services at yellow and red levels, while also complying with infection control measures. This is partly due to staff shortages in schools, as many employees are in quarantine as a result of the new national quarantine rules. The City of Oslo has therefore decided to close the schools and instead offer digital instruction at home.

– We have determined that services for the youngest children in kindergartens and after-school programmes (AKS) will remain open. Children in vulnerable life situations and children whose parents are critical workers will also be offered in-person services until the Christmas holidays begin. Our objective is always to ensure as many in-person services as possible given the current staff shortages and rates of infection. During these last few days before Christmas, we will prioritise the youngest children and those with the greatest need. I am pleased that we can continue to do so, says Holmås Eidsvoll.

Kindergartens and after-school programmes will therefore remain open. However, due to quarantine rules and staff shortages, it may be necessary to reduce opening hours to ensure compliance with infection control measures.


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