10 January: The City of Oslo expands walk-in service for booster vaccinations

Press release: All residents in Oslo over the age of 45 can now receive a booster dose on a walk-in basis, and more vaccination centres are offering walk-in services to residents between the ages of 18 and 44.

Les pressemeldingen på norsk

“Last week we invited everyone aged between 18 and 44 to attend the walk-in centre at Stovner. We are now rolling this service out at other vaccination centres in the city, and we invite everyone in Oslo over the age of 45 to come for a walk-in booster dose. This shows that we are making good progress with the vaccination programme in Oslo, and that more people are gaining better protection with each passing day. The vaccine is still our ticket out of the pandemic, and by accepting the booster dose, you are helping to protect both yourself and others,” says Vice Mayor for Health, Ageing and Municipal Services, Robert Steen.

Residents who come for a walk-in vaccination will be offered the first available appointment, so expect some waiting time. The interval between the second and third doses should be at least 4½ months (20 weeks).

If you have already been infected with Covid-19, please visit the Norwegian Institute of Public Health’s website for further information.

Walk-in booster doses available to all residents in Oslo aged over 45 years

As of Monday 10 January, all residents of Oslo over the age of 45 can attend a walk-in centre to receive a booster dose. It is recommended that you go to the same vaccination centre where you received your second dose.

If you have already been given an appointment for a booster dose, please keep your appointment. This will help the City of Oslo make the best possible use of vaccination capacity.

Walk-in service for booster doses available to all residents in Oslo over the age of 18 at selected vaccination centres

Everyone over the age of 18 can now receive a walk-in booster dose at the vaccination centres in Nordstrand, Grorud and Østensjø (Skullerud). Stovner vaccination centre is already offering the same service. This walk-in service is being offered to all residents in this age group in Oslo, regardless of their district.

There are enough vaccines for everyone, but there are restrictions on the number of people who can be in the room at the same time. Therefore, please try to attend at quieter times.

You can find information about the opening hours and addresses of the various vaccination centres on the City of Oslo’s website:

  • Bydel Nordstrand (Langbølgen 11)
  • Bydel Grorud
  • Bydel Østensjø (Skullerud)
  • Bydel Stovner

We will be offering the walk-in service at more vaccination centres in future. We therefore recommend that you visit the City of Oslo’s website to find out which vaccination centres are offering the service, as well as updated opening hours.


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