10 Desember: The City Government extends the social lockdown until 7th January

Press release:The City Government has approved an extension of the social lockdown in Oslo, but will allow limited numbers into youth-clubs, church services and similar faith groups, as well as Christmas events for socially disadvantaged groups.

On 10th November, the City Government approved a social lockdown in Oslo, as part of its third package of measures during the autumn to fight the Corona-virus. Today the City Government has decided to continue the package of measures until 7th January 2021.

«The social lockdown has had an effect, and the number of infections in Oslo has gone down during the last few weeks. But we have not stopped the pandemic yet, so we have chosen to extend the existing measures into the New Year. At the same time, I am glad that we can open up some activities at youth clubs, Christmas events for disadvantaged people and church services and faith gatherings. I hope that this will help to bring some warmth and joy over the Christmas holidays», said Governing Mayor Raymond Johansen (Labour).

The City Government will permit youth clubs to have activities for up to 20 young people at a time, aged 13 to 19. The Governing Mayor emphasises that the infection prevention measures will be kept better at youth clubs than when young people gather elsewhere, such as at metro-stations and shopping centres. The youth clubs will be open for more people than at present and will keep in contact with groups of young people who may have a particular need to be followed up.

The City Government will allow events for disadvantaged groups, organised by charities and the city of Oslo. This applies for events that are open to people with e.g. drug addiction or psychiatric problems and the homeless.

«Christmas is a time which is usually filled with holidays and community spirit, but Christmas is also a time when many people are lonely. This can be especially difficult in a year when we have had a social lockdown and a lot of insecurity. That is why we will make an exception from the ban on public events, and allow a few alternative Christmas events», Johansen said.

The City Government will also allow different faiths to hold religious services and other similar gatherings, with an upper limit of 20 participants.

«Church services and prayer meetings are important for a lot of people at Christmas time. Even though it will be different, with only 20 people together at a time, we feel it is important to allow different faith groups to keep some of their traditions during this special time», Johansen said.

Facts on the pandemic in Oslo

  • Last week, 694 people were registered with infection, an average of 99 each day, which is lower than the weekly figures for the previous four weeks.
  • The number of infections has gone down during the last week in all age groups. The highest numbers of infections are still among young adults in their 20’s (which is 25 % of the total numbers of infections with a registered age).
  • The highest numbers of infections over the past four weeks have been in the city districts of Alna and Gamle Oslo.
  • During the previous week, 14,040 tests were taken in Oslo. The City still has a high capacity for testing.


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