1 September: Mass testing in City of Oslo schools from Monday 6 September

Press release: Monday 6 September will be the first day of mass testing in all upper and lower secondary schools in Oslo. 20,000 students in upper secondary schools and 20,000 students in lower secondary schools will now be tested twice a week, on Mondays and Thursdays. 

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“Mass testing will help make the school day predictable and safe for our students and staff. We want our students to be able to attend school as much as possible, and in as close as possible to pre-pandemic conditions. Mass testing will help us achieve this,” says Marte Gerhardsen, Director of Education at the City of Oslo.

Infection rates are clearly highest among the unvaccinated, in particular among children and young people. Switching to regular testing for all students in City of Oslo schools will enable schools to stay open, and reduce follow-up of infected students. It will also reduce the risk of infection for individual students and teachers.

“Mass testing will enable a normal school day. We hope that it will also give us better control over infection rates in schools,” says Elisabeth Vennevold, Head of TISK strategy at the City of Oslo.

Facts about mass testing

  • The goal is for all students in City of Oslo schools to self-test on fixed days twice a week.
  • Upper secondary schools, lower secondary schools and adult education institutions will start first. We are currently making arrangements for mass testing in primary schools.
  • Schools will receive between two and four weeks of supplies of self-testing kits at a time. Test kits will be sent out from Wednesday 1 September.
  • Each student will receive eight test kits at a time, enough to cover four weeks’ testing.
  • Students test themselves every Monday and Thursday. All students at individual schools must test themselves on these days.
  • The schools are free to choose whether students test themselves at school or at home.
  • The test is voluntary, but we encourage all students to take the test.


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