1 July: Oslo continues to reopen

Press release: As previously announced, several of Oslo’s local Covid restrictions will be lifted with effect from Monday, 5 July. The ban on serving alcohol after midnight is rescinded and working from home is no longer mandatory for those who can.

Les pressemeldingen på norsk

The infection rate in Oslo continues to fall. At present, only four patients are being treated for Covid-19 at hospitals in Oslo and at Akershus University Hospital (Ahus). This has made it possible to lift some of the last remaining local restrictions in Oslo.

“Oslo’s reopening continues to go very well. Even with a lot of people in the city, increased mobility and fewer restrictions, the number of people testing positive and being hospitalised for Covid-19 continues to fall. That is a huge relief and we can move forward with the reopening process from Monday as planned. National rules will also apply to the serving of alcohol and working from home from that date,” says Oslo’s Governing Mayor Raymond Johansen (Labour Party).

Any further lifting of national restrictions will also apply in Oslo. With effect from this week this means that 5,000 people may now attend outdoor events, provided there is designated seating and they have a Covid certificate.

“This evening Vålerenga are playing a football match at the Intility Stadium and the Bislett Games are taking place. Up to 5,000 spectators can watch both events, provided they have a Covid certificate and are divided into cohorts. For all of us sports fans in Oslo, this is a real milestone. In more and more areas, we are on our way back to the vibrant city life we are used to,” says Johansen.

The following local restrictions remain in force in Oslo

  • Face coverings must be used on public transport and in taxis.
  • People are recommended not to make unnecessary journeys by public transport.
  • Public health restrictions must continue to be applied on building sites.

With effect from Monday, 5 July, the local ban on serving alcohol after midnight has been lifted and working from home is no longer mandatory for those who can. The rule prohibiting the admission of new guests after midnight will remain in force in Oslo for as long as it applies nationwide.

National guidance on infection-prevention measures in the workplace, including social distancing, still apply. People throughout the country are urged to work from home some of the time, to avoid having large numbers present in the workplace simultaneously.

“Working from home has been crucial for decreasing mobility and reducing the number of close contacts. When the infection rate is as low as it is at present, however, mandatory working from home is no longer necessary. People can therefore start to spend more time physically in the workplace. Both employers and employees must remember that infection-prevention guidelines remain in force in the workplace, and people are recommended not to travel by public transport unless they have to. For most businesses, a combination of working from home and in the office will be the sensible option for a good while yet,” says Oslo’s Governing Mayor Raymond Johansen.

The City of Oslo will monitor the infection rate closely through the summer, and will be ready to implement necessary countermeasures should they become necessary.


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