1 February: The City Government eases Corona measures in Oslo

Press release: The City Government has decided to ease Corona measures in Oslo from Wednesday 3 February.

Kindergartens, primary and secondary schools will change to yellow risk level, and indoor leisure activities for children and youth will be allowed again. At the same time, organised outdoor activities will be allowed for everyone under 20 years. Libraries, individual shops, pubs, cafés and restaurants can re-open.

– Oslo has halved the level of infections since the first week of January. Apart from during the Christmas break, we have not had lower levels of infection since October. Low infection rates, combined with stronger measures to stop infections coming from outside Norway (imported infections) will allow some easing in the Corona measures, said Governing Mayor Raymond Johansen (Labour).

Oslo has had a social lockdown since 9 November. Due to the outbreak of mutant viruses, the Oslo region has also had national measures since 23 January.

– The mutated versions of the Corona virus create a lot of uncertainty, so everyone must be prepared for occasional adjustments in the measures. All the same, we cannot carry on with such tight measures as we have had in Oslo last week, just to be on the safe side. The task ahead will be to keep the infection numbers down at the same time that we gradually, and in a controlled way, open up our city again. The infection numbers, and what we know about the mutated virus, will decide how quickly that will happen, said Johansen.

From Wednesday 3 February, the City Government will ease several measures:

  • Kindergartens, primary and secondary school will change from red to yellow risk level
  • Leisure activites and sports will be allowed for children up to secondary school level (15 years), both indoors and outdoors, but competitions and matches will still be prohibited.
  • Professional sports can resume organised training, and organised outdoor activities for youth under 20 years will be allowed.
  • Libraries will re-open
  • Swimming pools and similar venues will be open for school swimming, organised swimming courses and swimming training for children and youth up to secondary school level (15 years)
  • Shops and pubs and restaurants can open, but shopping centres and larger stores will still have to stay shut, in line with national regulations (with the exception of supermarkets, drug stores, the wine monopoly and other businesses which have been granted exception).

The City Government will soon consider whether the level of measures in high schools and for youth leisure activities can be eased.


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