8 June: Vaccinations this summer

By week 29 (19 – 25 July), everyone should have been offered the first dose if the national forecast is correct and we get the quantity of vaccines we need.

During the week of 14 to 18 June, everyone over the age of 45 should have been offered the vaccine. Those who have not received an offer of vaccination are urged to register themselves on the Oslo City Government website.

The plan is to vaccinate the 18-24 age group before starting vaccinations of those ages 40-44, followed by ages 25-39. According to schedule, this should begin in week 24 (14 – 20 June). By week 29 (19 – 25 July), everyone should have been offered the first dose if the national forecast is correct and we get the quantity of vaccines we need.

Oslo residents will receive a text message notification to let them know when to schedule an appointment for vaccination. The plan is to send these notifications in plenty of time before the vaccination date, so that residents can plan their summer holidays. However, this will depend on the quantity of vaccines on a national basis.

Registration form

We encourage everyone to register for vaccines (in Norwegian). This will simplify the logistics of the vaccination. (This information is only provided in Norwegian. You can phone the Covid-19 help line 21 80 21 82 for assistance, if necessary.)

Text message notification

  • You will receive a text message from the municipality. This will give you a link to the page where you can make an appointment for vaccination. If you do not have BankID, we recommend that you contact the Covid-19 help line for assistance in making an appointment.
  • You will be called in for vaccination at a vaccine centre or pharmacy, based on the level of priority. Vaccination is free of charge, regardless of where you receive it.
  • You will probably receive the vaccine in your district. However, given the large number of people being vaccinated, the districts will be assisting each other. 
  • You will not lose your place in the queue if you do not book an appointment. You will be contacted by the vaccination team in your district, who will schedule an appointment for you.  
  • Generally, you will be offered a vaccine within a week. For appointments during holidays, the wait will be longer. You may also be offered an appointment at short notice if extra doses are available.
  • If you received your first dose in Oslo, you must also get your second dose here. This applies to both now and during the holidays. You cannot expect to receive either dose where you are on holiday. This is according to guidelines by the Norwegian Institute of Public Health and because municipalities receive the same number of second doses as were administered to those receiving the first dose.

If you belong to a high-risk group and have not yet received an appointment for vaccination, we recommend that you register for vaccination online.

You are not eligible for a vaccine in Oslo if you are here on holiday. You must be vaccinated in your home municipality.