26 March: Oslo City Government extends and strengthens infection prevention measures

Press release: Oslo City Government has today decided to extend the measures that apply in Oslo up to and including 15 April. To prevent the spread of the mutated virus, the City Government is also strengthening several other measures: It is now recommended that you keep two metres apart in certain situations where the previous requirement was one metre. The rules for supermarkets are also being tightened.

“The mutated virus has changed the rules of play for this pandemic. Maintaining our distance from each other is our most effective weapon in curbing the spread of infection. Consequently, we have today updated our regulations to include this clear recommendation: keep at least 2 metres apart from each other. This also affects people who run shops and other businesses, who must be able to ensure that visitors can keep two metres apart,” says Oslo’s Governing Mayor Raymond Johansen (Labour Party).

Oslo City Government has approved the extension of the Covid-19 Regulations up to and including 15 April. The measures will be reassessed after Easter.

New rules for supermarkets

The City Government has also changed the rules for supermarkets. All supermarkets may now only sell groceries and other essential goods.

“There will always be cases of doubt, but the rules must be applied as consistently as possible. All shops in Oslo have had to remain closed recently, except for grocery stores, chemists and other exempt businesses that sell essential goods for people and animals. This has allowed supermarkets to remain open because they sell food. However, because such supermarkets sell many other goods, there is a risk that people come here to socialise. From now, such supermarkets can only sell food and other essential goods, and must not sell other types of goods to be able to remain open,” explains the Governing Mayor.

Easter in Oslo

To remind the people of Oslo of the most important rules over Easter, the Oslo City Government will publish updated Easter advice before and during Easter.

"Unfortunately, infection rates have often increased after holiday periods. We must now try to avoid this at all costs. Infection rates are already extremely high, and we must all make a concerted effort to bring them down. I hope the people of Oslo continue to be responsible over Easter, and that we will soon see the infection rate flatten out and fall,” says Raymond Johansen.


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