15 March: Oslo City Government introduces new measures to combat the spread of coronavirus

Press release: Oslo City Government has today decided to introduce fully digital teaching in upper and lower secondary schools in all parts of Oslo, and for years 5 to 7 in seven districts. Oslo City Government will also now restrict visitors in private homes to two.



Last week, 1,967 Oslo residents tested positive for coronavirus. This is by far the highest infection level ever registered by the Oslo City Government. The number of people being admitted to hospital is rising significantly, and the City Government’s test and trace capacity is beginning to come under pressure.

“We are now experiencing a third wave of infection. The mutated variants of coronavirus are quickly spreading through Oslo, and the measures we have already implemented to curb the infection have not been sufficient to stop the new virus variants. The only way to stop the virus is to restrict physical contact between the city’s residents as much as possible. We hope this will check the infection’s progress,” says Oslo’s Governing Mayor Raymond Johansen (Labour Party).

The following new measures will apply from Wednesday 17 March:

  • Maximum of two visitors in private homes.
  • Fully digital teaching in lower and upper secondary schools in all parts of Oslo.
  • Fully digital teaching for years 5 to 7 in all schools in Grorud, Stovner, Alna, Bjerke, Gamle Oslo, Grünerløkka and Søndre Nordstrand. It may be necessary to introduce fully digital teaching for this age group in other schools or districts depending on future infection levels locally. 
  • All kindergartens and activity schools will be closed during the Easter break.

Vulnerable groups and children whose parents are essential workers will receive adapted programme in schools before the Easter break. Children whose parents are essential workers will also be offered an adapted programme in schools during the Easter break.

Kindergartens and schools will be reopened at red risk level on Tuesday 6 April. The other measures will remain in effect until 9 April. This also applies to existing measures. Consequently:

  • Red risk level in kindergartens, primary and lower secondary schools in Oslo (years 1 to 4 in all parts of Oslo, and years 5 to 7 in schools in areas without fully digital teaching).
  • Indoor recreational facilities for children and young people will remain closed.
  • Cafés, restaurants and bars will remain shut (except for take-away service) and the serving of alcohol will still be banned.
  • Shops will remain closed (with some exceptions, including food stores and chemists).
  • Fitness centres, theatres and cinemas must also remain closed.
  • Public events will still be prohibited (with some exceptions including funerals).


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