15 June: Oslo City Government continues to reopen Oslo

Press release: “The gradual and controlled reopening of Oslo has been a success. Many of the rules that people in Oslo have grown used to are now being lifted. For the most part, we will then be under the same Covid restrictions as people elsewhere in Norway,” says Oslo’s Governing Mayor Raymond Johansen (Labour Party).

Les pressemeldingen på norsk

Last week, there were 293 people registered as having Covid-19 in Oslo. This is the lowest number since the autumn half-term holiday last year. Oslo’s hospitals and Akershus University Hospital (Ahus) currently have 14 in-patients with Covid-19. At the beginning of April, when the situation was at its worst, 158 people were admitted to hospital with the virus. A significant proportion of Oslo’s adult population has been vaccinated, and the outbreak among school-leavers that caused a surge in the infection rate last week has been contained.

Oslo City Government has today decided that a great many of the local public health restrictions will be lifted, with effect from 16 June. In other words:

  • The ban on more than 10 people congregating in private homes is repealed.
  • Local restrictions on sports, recreational activities and youth clubs, both indoors and outdoors are lifted.
  • Bingo halls, bowling alleys, gaming arcades, indoor play centres and similar venues can open.
  • The special public health precautions and limits on the number of people permitted in shops, shopping centres, fitness centres, museums and galleries, indoor swimming pools, spas and hotel pools are lifted.
  • The local 2-metre social distancing requirement is lifted.
  • The requirement for face coverings in shops, fitness centres, restaurants, cafés, etc. is lifted. However, face coverings must still be used on public transport and in taxis.
  • Alcohol may be served until midnight.

For all businesses and activities where local rules have been lifted, national rules and standards for the various sectors will apply.

Local rules for indoor and outdoor events have also been lifted. National rules apply in Oslo. This means that:

  • 50 people are permitted to attend indoor events without fixed, designated seating and 200 people are permitted at events with fixed, designated seating.
  • For private gatherings in public places, the limit is 20 people indoors and 30 people outdoors.
  • 200 people are permitted to attend outdoor events in public places without fixed, designated seating.
  • 600 people are permitted to attend outdoor events with fixed, designated seating if they are divided into three groups. This means, for example, that there can be 600 spectators, divided into three groups, at the Intility Arena or Bislett Stadium.

Any changes in the national rules for events will also apply in Oslo. The government has, for example, given advance notice that it will open up for 5,000 people to attend outdoor events with fixed, designated seating at venues like the Intility Arena or Bislett Stadium.

Oslo will have largely the same rules as the rest of the country, with certain exceptions:

  • The ban on school-leavers celebrating in party buses will continue until 4 July.
  • The directive to work from home if possible remains in place until 4 July
  • Alcohol may only be served until midnight in Oslo until 4 July, even though this rule has been lifted nationally. With effect from 5 July, restrictions on the serving of alcohol in Oslo will be lifted and the national rules will apply from that date.
  • Face coverings must continue to be worn on public transport and in taxis.
  • The recommendation to avoid unnecessary journeys on public transport remains in effect.

“The people of Oslo have taken responsibility, have taken care of each other and have played a significant role in enabling us to maintain control at the national level. The pandemic is not yet over. We must continue to take necessary public health precautions. If we don’t, we are sure to see a rise in the level of infection among those not yet vaccinated. Wash your hands, stay home if you feel unwell and follow the rules that still apply. I feel extremely confident that the city’s inhabitants and everyone responsible for businesses which are being permitted to open up more fully will continue to act responsibly,” says Oslo’s Governing Mayor Raymond Johansen.

Oslo City Government’s plan for the gradual reopening of Oslo (in Norwegian)