Rules and advice

January 14th: New rules and advice 

The Norwegian government has implemented new rules and advice regarding Covid-19 as of midnight, January the 14th.

    Visiting rules for nursing homes and health centers

    There are still staff, residents and patients in nursing homes and health centers who have not been vaccinated. It is therefore important that all infection control rules are followed to prevent infection from entering our institutions.

    When can you visit?

    You can visit weekdays, evenings and weekends.

    General rules for all visitors

    • You can not visit if you are ill, in close contact with a corona infected person or in home quarantine.
    • You should not visit if you have respiratory symptoms.
    • We keep visit records for everyone who comes to visit to ensure any infection tracking. This is voluntary to write in the protocol. The protocol is shredded after ten days.
    • It is important to carry out good hand hygiene on arrival and during the visit, in line with general advice for hand hygiene.
    • You should keep at least one meter away from unvaccinated residents or patients.
    • You should wear a face mask indoors in common areas. Contact the staff at the nursing home if you need a bandage.
    • You can bring gifts, flowers, food and the like.
    • You can use the toilet in the room of the person you are visiting or a marked toilet for relatives.
    • Dogs and other pets may be allowed. Agree with the department in advance.
    • Visits and physical contact are always arranged in the final phase of life.

    Contact the nursing home (List of all municipal and private nursing homes and health and rehabilitation centres in Oslo. The list is in Norwegian.)

    After your visit

    If you are diagnosed with covid-19 after the visit, you must state that you have visited as part of the infection detection. We ask that you contact the nursing home or health center you have visited as soon as possible and inform about this so that we can implement measures as soon as possible.