Register if you want the coronavirus vaccine 

We would like to know if you want the coronavirus vaccine, or not. This ensures that we have correct information to those who want the vaccine and enables us to schedule vaccination appointments more efficiently.

We will contact everyone 

Your local city district will reach out to you when you are eligible for vaccination. We vaccinate according to the order of priority set by the Norwegian Institute of Public Health (FHI), regardless of when, and if, you registered. 

How to register whether or not you want the coronavirus vaccine 

You have to register your vaccine-preference at Helseboka.

You do not have to fill out the form if: 

  • You have already gotten the vaccine or have an appointment scheduled 
  • You do not have an electronic ID. In this case, your city district will reach out to you and offer you an appointment. 

In the form, we will firstly ask if you want the vaccine. You can answer “yes” or “no” to this question.

If you want the coronavirus vaccine 

If you want the vaccine, you will be asked to provide your contact information, allergies and diseases, any need for transportation, and other things we should be aware of when you are given the vaccine. 

We also ask if you can take an appointment at short notice. This only applies when your priority group is to be vaccinated. This question is asked for us to get the right information about you, and to ensure that vaccines are not wasted. 

If you do not want the coronavirus vaccine

If you register that you do not want the vaccine, you will not lose the opportunity to be vaccinated, but we will not reach out to schedule an appointment with you. 

You can change your mind at any time, and re-register if you want the vaccine by filling out a new form. 

Register your vaccine-preference

Register at Helseboka (log in)

You will be redirected to Helseboka to fill out register your vaccine-preference. Helseboka is a partner of the City of Oslo in the vaccination process.

If you wish to update, or change the information you provided, you can submit a new form. 

Who can register? 

We want everyone who lives in Oslo to register. You can register even if you do not have an address in Oslo registered in the National Population Register, as long as you are staying here for a longer period.

What happens if I do not register? 

We reach out to you when you are eligible for vaccination, regardless of whether you have registered. It might take longer if we do not have the right contact information. 

You can read more about vaccination in Oslo here.