Corona testing and test results

If you have symptoms of respiratory infection, you must stay at home. Do not call the ER or the ambulance service unless you are acutely ill. If you suspect Covid-19 you can call your GP or the Corona hotline to determine if you should be tested.

Who will be tested for the coronavirus (COVID-19)?

The test capacity in Oslo is good. Everyone with suspected COVID-19 should be tested, although the majority of people who have respiratory symptoms do not have coronavirus (COVID-19)

We test everyone with acute respiratory tract infections with fever, cough or breathing difficulties, or who a doctor suspects has COVID-19. We test in this order of priority:

  1. Patient in need of hospital admission
  2. Patient/resident in nursing homes or other healthcare institutions
  3. Employee in the healthcare service with work that puts them in the vicinity of patients
  4. Person over the age of 65, or adult with serious or poorly managed chronic conditions*
  5. Person in quarantine because of being in close contact with a confirmed case of COVID-19 or after travel
  6. Employee, child or pupil in a re-opened childcare centre, school or after-school programme
  7. Others with suspected COVID-19 disease

* Severe or poorly controlled chronic condition such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, morbidly obese, chronic renal failure, significantly impaired lung function etc. 

The Norwegian Institute of Public Health determines the criteria for testing. These criteria may be changed at any point in time.

Do you satisfy the criteria for testing?

If you do, you can call your GP (registered doctor) or the Corona hotline for Oslo inhabitants

The Corona hotline is very busy. Only Oslo residents who meet the criteria for testing as stated above can call the Corona hotline.

If you are working in the health service and have close contact with patients, you can clarify the need for testing with your employer. Hospital employees in Oslo are tested by their employer and must not call the Corona hotline.

  • Hotline number: 2180 2182
  • Opening hours:
    • Workdays 8:30 am - 15 pm (08:30-15:00)
    • Saturdays 9 am - 16 pm (09:00-16:00)
    • Closed on sundays and public holidays

If you are to be tested, you will be referred to an outpatient clinic for people with a fever

If you need to be tested, you will be referred to one of Oslo local authority’s outpatient clinics for people with a fever. The referral will instruct you as to where and when to attend the clinic. It is not possible to contact the outpatient clinic directly. You must have a referral from your regular GP or from the Corona telephone.

Do you have symptoms, but do not satisfy the criteria for testing?

If you have symptoms of a common cold, you must stay home until one day after you have returned to good health.

Find recommendations for when to remain at home, in quarantine or self-isolation at

  • Contact your regular GP by telephone if you need advice or a medical certificate. Always contact your GP first when you are ill but your illness is not acute, this applies both to Corona and other illnesses
  • Do not contact the ER or the ambulance service unless you are acutely ill
  • Do not call the Corona hotline unless you meet the criteria for testing as stated above

Notify the Norwegian Institute of Public Health

If over the last seven days you have had symptoms of the coronavirus, you should notify the Norwegian Institute of Public Health. This helps them to register the number of infected people.

Note that this will not put you in contact with a doctor or the health service, and this notification does not reach and inform people you have been in contact with.

Notify the Norwegian Institute of Public Health if you are worried that you are infected with the coronavirus (In Norwegian).

Urgent medical attention

If you are acutely ill and unable to contact your regular GP, you can call the ER on telephone number 116 117. Do not go to your GP’s office or the ER without calling first.

You may only call the ER when you need acute health assistance. It is the winter season, and most people with a respiratory complaint are not at risk of the coronavirus.

If life and health are at risk, call 113.

Are you waiting for an answer to your test?

Test results will be available at, including results from any tests taken by your children under the age of 16. 

The test results are normally available within two days after taking the test. You will not be notified when the results are published. If you have symptoms, stay home until the test results are known. 

If you are unable to log into, please contact your GP for test results.

Should your test results indicate that you have a coronavirus infection, health services will contact you. 

Log in at