Corona testing and test results

You should get tested if you have symptoms of the coronavirus, have visited “red areas” abroad, or if you have been in close contact with persons who are infected by the coronavirus.

How to book a test appointment

You can book an appointment for coronavirus testing if you either:

  • have symptoms of coronavirus
  • have been abroad, in red countries/regions
  • have been in close contact with persons who have been diagnosed with coronavirus
  • have been requested by the City of Oslo to take a test
  • none of the above, but you would like to get tested

I have symptoms of coronavirus

If you have an acute respiratory infection or symptoms of coronavirus, you may book a test yourself below. The most common symptoms of coronavirus are fever, coughing, breathlessness and loss of taste or sense of smell. You may also have the coronavirus if you have other or even no symptoms. See a summary of symptoms of the coronavirus (

I have been abroad

If you have been in a country or region with a high rate of infection (red countries/regions) in the past 10 days, you may book a test yourself below. See the rate of infection in different countries and areas

If you have been in a country with a low rate of infection (yellow countries/regions) and are without symptoms, you are not required to quarantine or be tested.

I have been in close contact with persons who have been diagnosed with coronavirus

The infection control team will call you to arrange testing. If you are not contacted within three days, you may book a test yourself. See definition of close contact (

I have been requested by the City of Oslo to take a test

If you have been contacted by the City of Oslo, in connection with an ongoing outbreak, for example on a school, you should book a coronavirus test.

I would like to get tested

You can book a coronavirus test, even if none of the above apply to you.

Book a coronavirus test

You can book an appointment for yourself and your children below the age of 18. The forms used for ordering and cancellation of test will be published soon.
Book a coronavirus test

You will receive a text message with the time and place of the test when you have booked a test. In the event of a large influx of people requiring tests, it may take 1-3 days before you receive a text message. You will not be forgotten, even though it may take some time before you hear from us.

You must remain at home and avoid people you don’t live with until you are free of symptoms and have received a negative test result.

Unable to book a test appointment yourself?

If you are unable to book a test appointment online, call your GP. If your GP is unavailable, you may call the coronavirus hotline. See the phone number and opening hours for the coronavirus hotline at the bottom of this page.

Certificate for travel

Are you travelling abroad and need a certificate that you have been tested? Call your GP or a private health service provider who conducts tests. The City of Oslo does not provide this type of testing. You must pay for an examination and test yourself (no HELFO refund).

Drop in

You can come to these test centres without making an appointment, but will not be guaranteed to get a test. We recommend that you make an appointment if you want to test a child 10 years of age or younger.

Opening hours

Every day: 8.00 am – 9.00 pm

Test centres with drop-in

  • Adamstuen test centre, Armauer Hansens gate 10
  • Gamle Bryn Brannnstasjon (Fire station), Tvetenveien 18
  • Rommen test centre, Nedre Rommen 5
  • Mortensrud test centre, Lofsrudveien 282
  • Lofsrudveien 282

Coronavirus hotline

Please contact us to book a test if you are not able to book one online, or for advice and information about Corona. We can help you in 23 different languages, and can provide an interpreter if needed. 

  • Weekdays: 08.30-15.00
  • Saturday and Sunday: 09.00-15.00

Phone number: 21 80 21 82

If you have serious respiratory symptoms, call your GP. If you GP is unavailable and you cannot wait for help, call the emergency services on phone no. 116117. In the event of life-threatening illness, call 113.

How the test takes place

We take samples from the throat and nose. The samples show whether you have the coronavirus. We do not conduct antibody tests.

The result is usually ready within 1-4 days.

Test locations

There are several test locations in Oslo. You can choose where you want to be tested, when you book your test appointment. 
It is not possible to directly contact or book an appointment at the test locations. 


The test is free of charge. 

How to receive the test result

Everyone who has a positive test for the coronavirus is contacted by the infection control team.
The result is available at within 1-4 days after you took the test. 

After the results of your test are registered at, you can get the results sent to your mobile phone or by e-mail. You must set up a user account to receive the results. You can decide yourself whether to get the results by SMS or e-mail or both.

If you do not set up a user account, you are not notified when the result is ready, and will have to check yourself. 

Find test result (log on)

•    If you have children below the age of 16 who have taken a coronavirus test, you will also find their test results at
•    If you are unable to log on to or have any questions related to the test result, contact your GP.

If you do not have MinID or BankID

If you do not have access to MinID or BankID, personal number or a D-number, you can call your GP or the Corona phone-line, 21 80 21 82, to get your test result.

After the coronavirus test

See what to do after taking a coronavirus test.

How to cancel an appointment

If you no longer require a test or are unable to attend your appointment, you must cancel the test. It is important that you cancel the appointment if you are unable to attend so that we may give it to others who want to get tested.

  • If you have been given an appointment via the coronavirus hotline or other health personnel, call the coronavirus hotline or your GP to cancel the appointment.
  • If you have booked the appointment yourself online using our form, you may cancel the appointment below. You appointment will be deleted when you have submitted the form.

Cancel a coronavirus test (log on)

If you receive a text message concerning your appointment after you have cancelled it, you may disregard it. 

Remember that you may still be required to quarantine even though you no longer require the test. You are yourself responsible for investigating whether you should remain quarantined.

Quarantine and isolation

If you are ill, you must remain at home and avoid people you don’t live with until you are free of symptoms and have received a negative test result.

If you have been in close contact with anyone who has been diagnosed with the coronavirus or who has been in red countries or regions, you must quarantine for 10 days. Quarantine may be shortened if you take a PCR test with a negative result no earlier than 7 after your most recent exposure with a confirmed case of COVID-19. You are responsible yourself for complying with the quarantine rules.

More information on quarantine and what you should do after taking the coronavirus test (in Norwegian).