Advice and rules

The City of Oslo follows national measures and recommendations in most areas.

Face masks

Face masks are compulsory in Oslo on public transport when you cannot keep at least one metre apart, and in taxis.

Kindergartens and schools

Kindergartens and school in Oslo are at the green risk level.

Read more about kindergartens and schools on the The Norwegian Directorate for Education and Training’s website. 

Other topics

Do you need information about events, private gatherings, sports and leisure activities, shops and shopping centres, travelling, restaurants and licensed premises?

You can find key recommendations and advice that apply at or

Nursing homes and health and rehabilitation centres 

General rules for all visitors

  • There are still staff, residents and patients in nursing homes who have not been vaccinated. It is therefore important that all infection control rules are followed to prevent infection from entering the nursing homes.
  • You can not visit if you are ill or in quarantine.
  • At nursing homes, you can visit on weekdays, evenings and weekends. The health centers (short-term and rehabilitation places) have their own visiting hours.
  • We keep visit records for everyone who comes to visit to ensure any infection tracking. Also applies to visitors who are going to take a resident on a trip.
  • Residents and patients can visit or be taken on a trip, without a quarantine obligation, as long as Oslo Municipality's infection control recommendations are followed.
  • The number of visitors depends on how many people can be accommodated in the room.
  • You should keep at least one meter away from the person you are visiting, staff and other residents or patients.
  • Dogs and other pets may be allowed. Agree with the department in advance.
  • Fully vaccinated residents or patients may have physical contact with other fully vaccinated.
  • Visits and physical contact are always arranged in the final phase of life.
  • We keep visit minutes for everyone who comes to visit. Also applies to visitors who are going to take a resident on a trip.
  • The number of visitors depends on how many there are in the room when you keep the required distance.

Contact the nursing home (List of all municipal and private nursing homes and health and rehabilitation centres in Oslo. The list is in Norwegian.)

During your visit

  • You must wash or wash your hands when you arrive.
  • We recommend the use of face masks in common areas
  • For the sake of the unvaccinated, you should not stay in common areas indoors.This also applies to outdoor areas, where a distance of 1 meter cannot be observed.
  • The visit should mainly take place in a living room, patient room or outdoors.
  • You can bring gifts, flowers, food and the like.
  • You can use the resident's or patient's toilet or a marked toilet during the visit.

After your visit

  • You should wash or spray your hands when leaving the resident's or patient's room / visiting room.
  • If you are diagnosed with covid-19 after the visit, you must state that you have visited as part of the infection detection. Also contact the nursing home or health center you have visited as soon as possible and inform about this.